Knaldemand is poking his head out of a window in a run down old building standing at the foot of a mountain.

He dreamt he went on a trip to some faraway island where the wind was cold and the landscape barren and inhospitable. He felt like he had been there before with the wind blowing over the black desert sands and the biting cold on its furry face and bare body.

It all felt comforting. He felt like he belonged there, that this is where he was supposed to be.

He found an old stable that looked abandoned. As he went inside it a flood of memories surged forward. Memories of being taken care of, shoed, and combed. Memories of being ridden outside on fields of green grass and desert roads.

He missed it.

As he was reliving those memories she walked in.

She was so beautiful as she stood there in the doorway looking at him. With out a word she saddled him up, put shoes on his hands and feet and took him out for a ride.

They rode across fields of green grass and desert roads. Under waterfalls and over rivers of ice. It was glorious and how he wished it would last forever.

Then he woke up.