Ever wonder your dreams would be if you were a man horse…

It used to be a horse. Just a regular horse, like all the other horses out there. Four legs, hoofs, tail, fur, teeth that never stop growing, huge penis, the whole horse shebang.

But then, one day, it woke up in a human body. No fur anymore, toes and fingers, no tail, tiny penis. Mysteriously, it still had a horse head so it didn’t even gain the human brain power. That seemed like a loose-loose situation to the human horse thing, or is it horsehuman? Homan? Hurse?

It doesn’t know.

What it does know is that it doesn’t like this. It doesn’t like it one bit. It doesn’t even know where it is.

It is inside somewhere, lying under something, something soft and warm, and there seems to be one of those humans lying next to it. A female, it thinks.

What is it doing there next to it? How did they end up sleeping in the same place?

These questions, constant questions, feel strange to it. It isn’t used to questioning the world like this. Wondering what’s behind the hill, why it rains. It just wants to be at the farm, spending the days outside, eating, sleeping, being ridden by those human things.

Ridden like a horse.

Not having those questions all the time.

Like a human.

But it is a human now, at least partly, so that’s probably why it is having those questions and maybe why this woman is here.

The woman that just woke up.