He had to get home. He had no idea where home was but he knew he had to get there. By any means neccesery. He thought the metal bird would bring him home, it didn’t, it just took him farther away from home. It took him to a scary place of horned animals and tall mountains. He had to go back so he could find the way home.

What was this thing following him. Some kind of bird. Beautiful bird. She was mean to him. She tied him up and hit him. She made him do things he didn’t like. He didn’t like her.

What was this thing in the tree, making those aweful sounds and eating like… like… he didn’t know what. It looked like a gnomish angel. It attacked him. Called itself his consciousness. Told him to stop doing those things. He didn’t understand. so he ran.

He’s running towards his home.

He hopes.