Knaldemand is lying in a sofa with a blowup doll straddling him. Next to him is an angel on his knees with his hands raised to the air, screaming to the Heavens. The floor is covered in empty beer cans. There is a big bottle of lube and a blow up sheep next to the sofa.

What’s that rubber sound?

Knaldemand is at home, enjoying the pleasures of life. His room smells

of whiskey and beer, but there is something salty in the air as well.

He is not alone.

He doesn’t know if he is doing something wrong, not even the angel

appears screaming in agony on the floor.

His female companion doesn’t complain, neither did the lamb just few

minutes earlier. His collection of bras are watching, the pink one is a favourite. Even when the angel looks away, the bras follow every move of Knaldemand. The bottle of oil was still there, waiting for it’s purpose.

When the angel appeared, he didn’t know if he should stop or just keep on going, he really didn’t know what to do. But the angel keeps on screaming, making life difficult for Knaldemand,

Who is this angel and what is he doing in my room?

Is he going to steal my collection of bras?

I hope not!

Maybe it’s just a regular mid week dream for Knaldemand.